Gateway Executives

Brand Specialist

December 2020 - January 2021 • Atlanta, GA

What I liked

Nothing, please avoid at all cost or read the job description very carefully.

What I wish was different

I was disappointed because this position was listed as a Brand Specialist but it was clearly not that. The job differed greatly from the job description so I was very disappointed. I also wish that my questions could've been answered directly instead of talked around, there were no definite answers. I trust my university to include credible work opportunities on Handshake but this company is definitely one to look into because they are somewhat of an MLM/ Pyramid Scheme business, this company has a lot of red flags!


For the job to match the job description. I basically stood inside of a Sam's club and sold AT&T phone plans, if this was expressed in the job description then I may as well have applied to AT&T directly.
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