Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

About Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

Our food is created using basic ingredients responsibly sourced straight from nature. Our unique earth-grown flavors, like olive oil, paprika and hummus, make each dish simple, clean and good for you.
We strive to make every Garbanzo dish a balanced blend of flavor and nutrition to ensure each visit brings you something fresh, simple and different.
We prepare our food traditionally and daily, often right in front of you, so you know you’re getting the best quality meal there is. Our ordering process is as simple as our ingredients. We take you through each step, letting you customize your dish with endless possibilities and combinations of savory proteins, healthy veggies and one-of-a-kind sauces. We love caring for you and have designed a family-friendly atmosphere in which you can celebrate the event of eating.


Restaurant Shift Leader

April 2016 Fort Collins, CO
“Fast paced, good atmosphere, easy upward mobility ”
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