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Which qualities would you discuss during an interview for a sales associate position at Gap ?

Make sure to highlight your social skills and taste for fashion. Explain why you think you speak well with others and tell why you chose to apply for GAP. Make it clear that you like their clothes and style.
Interview Gap Retail Sales Associate
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Do you think Gap is a good place for me to kickstart my career in retail sales?

I would, without a doubt, say GAP is a great kickstart for your career. I say this because honestly the work demanded by the job is not hard or stressful, they pay well, hardly ever are customers bad or nearly as bad as fast food customers, and overall the atmosphere is relaxed (other than big da...
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Does Gap retail offer any type of mentorship program?

I don't recall any mentorship programs. The closest we had was a program that had people become 'specialists'. The specialists report to the managers sometimes and often spend a majority of their time on one thing, like folding chinos.
Mentor Gap Retail
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How is Gap's company culture, knowing it is a large retail company?

The company culture is pretty relaxed, birthdays are celebrated but overall it has much less of a “family” vibe and more of a friendly coworker vibe.
Company Culture Gap Retail
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What salary/compensation should I expect as a sales associate at Gap ?

I received minimum wage but the store discounts definitely made it worthwhile. Through the use of an employee card, regular priced items at Gap are 50% off (discount also works at Banana Republic and Old Navy). You can also get 30% off at outlet stores and 25% off at Athleta.
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Should I expect ownership over my work as a sales associate at Gap, Inc ?

At Gap, Inc. you should expect full ownership over you actions. Every member is a cog in a very much larger machine. The managers will direct you towards a desired goal and it is your duty to ensure it is executed effectively. When you are asked to pick up the store, it is on you to make sure it ...
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Can someone tell me what a sales associate does and how that differs from company to company?

I was in charge of helping to restock merchandise clothing, assist customers when needed, and recover which meant to help straighten up the store. My Lead would let me know which sales were going, selling points to emphasize, and in which area to station myself. I also worked with an hand held de...
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Are there specific skills that may help me as a retail associate at Gap Inc?

​You need to be able to communicate openly. Ask questions when unsure what to do. Know the customer is always right and you can always get someone an answer. Be friendly and willing to help.
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Is there any work-life balance or flexibility as a salesperson at Gap?

I've been with Old Navy for two years and I have never had such a balance in my 18 years as a retail manager. Being able to spend time with my daughters seemed impossible and then I became apart of the Old Navy family and that all changed.For me it's crucial that my staff have that same work life...
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Can you provide some tips for when I approach a recruiter from Gap, Inc at my career fair?

When approaching a recruiter for Gap, Inc. I would suggest being very extroverted and customer service oriented. When you talk to the recruiter smile and show that you can provide a warm welcome to their customers. Maintaining eye contact and listening intently shows to the recruiter you are more...
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Help me out here! I've got an interview coming up at Gap, what should I know ?

In an interview, a manager will want to know that you can work quickly, but also thoroughly, and that you can work within a team structure. Because Sales Associates play a large role in marketing the merchandise to customers, managers will also ask you about previous marketing experience, or any ...
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Currently a seasonal employee at Gap retail -- how can I get a full-time offer?

Maintain a good relationship with your Lead(s). If they like your personality and see that you are a hard worker they can extend one's seasonal position.
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What's a typical work day like for a cashier at Gap Inc? Are the shift hours pretty long?

I specifically worked at Gap within Gap Inc. A typical day provided very slow service so I would take on multiple roles such as shipment staff - where I would be unpackaging boxes and setting out store merchandise, a fitting room attendant, and sales associate- helping customers on the sales floor.
Day in the Life Gap Cashier
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Do photography producers at Gap get a lot of creative ownership over their job?

GAP is very structured and roles are clearly defined which makes it more comfortable to navigate. There are many people involved in the actual decision making process and approvals though. It's quite a valiant effort! You will have absolutely ownership of your own ability to perform the role und...
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What type of training did you go through as a sales associate at Gap, Inc ?

In my training program, we were taught some basic marketing approaches and mindsets, as well as strategies for getting people to sign up for our brand credit card. We were shown procedures once, and then asked for help whenever we couldn’t remember, or ran into something we didn’t know how to do....
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Do I need any specific skills to succeed as a cashier at GAP Inc ?

As a cashier, I have had to face many high-pressure situations with customers, so skills involving fast and critical thinking is extremely valuable. I had to wait around three months to be cashier trained–previously I was just working as a sales associate on the sales floor. Now I am a lead cashi...
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Can I expect any work-life balance working as a cashier at GAP?

The balance between my life and work is actually really easy, the hours you set for your availability is what the company sticks to. I used to work only on weekends because of school, but once I graduated from high school, I changed my hours to be weekdays only and morning-afternoon shifts. This ...
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I'm currently a cashier at GAP, how can I get a full-time offer?

When I originally applied for a job at GAP Inc, it was for a seasonal position (three month period) which then lead to a part-time offer. During the three month period, they judge to see if you are a good fit for the company, and if you are, they offer you a position (either part or full time). A...
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Does the upper management at Gap, Inc offer any support for their sales associates?

I worked at both Old Navy and Gap Inc. and the upper management was so considerate of my work experience. They understood my school schedule and always helped me when I was in need. They would also take the time to get to know me and ask questions which I thought was great for upper management to...
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As a sales associate, will I be contributing to Gap's company mission?

Being a great sales associate leaves a great impression on the customers. They memorize the attitudes of the employees in store and it shows what kind of brand Gap Inc. is as well as their standards for all their employees.
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