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About Freedom Innovations

Freedom Innovations’ singular focus on lower limb prosthetic solutions allows us to go a step beyond competitors who have to divide their attention across numerous disciplines and multiple product categories. This specialization enables a close collaboration with prosthetists so we can better address the unique challenges of lower limb clinical care. We’re able to maximize research initiatives and pioneer the advanced technologies that produce life-changing capabilities. And, we can more fully optimize our manufacturing resources to deliver the customized solutions that take the state-of-the-art… a step beyond.

Freedom Innovations offers an extensive lineup of lower limb solutions for low to high mobility users. This includes an industry-leading portfolio of prosthetic feet designed for everyday walking, extreme sports and everything in between. The award-winning Plié 3® Knee represents the very best in microprocessor-controlled knee solutions with user-driven innovation incorporated throughout its design. A range of adapters and accessories complete the product offering.


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April 2015 Irvine, CA
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