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About Foss Swim School

Our History
Jon Foss’ mother was just 17 years old when she brought her 9 and 12 year old brothers to Lake Tobiason in North Dakota where her 9 year old brother drowned. It was a silent event and changed her life forever. She became a lifelong advocate for swimming well. Not satisfied with just lessons, she enrolled her children on swim team and Jon loved it. He continued into college and was struck by the unfamiliar techniques used by the national champion swimmers. He learned to teach those advanced techniques to his four swim teams and wrote a manual called K.A.D.S. from 1987-1989. Using that curriculum, he began competitive clinics in 1989. He and his wife, Susan, started the swim school in 1993.

With an outstanding staff they have redefined the swim lesson experience providing a fun, original, technically sound and safe, “FOSS®” style of teaching.

Three Steps of Service and Engagement
1. Lightbulb!! With a warm greeting and genuine goodbye using their name.
2. Anticipate, then Empathize, then Exceed.
3. Find a way to say “Yes!” (Exceptional customer service finds a way for someone in need).

Our Culture
A Lightbulb culture based upon high trust, teamwork, hard work and a commitment to both innovate and continuously improve.

Our Credo

Our Mission
Building confidence through the mastery of skills.

Our Vision
The world’s best swimming program for every student. We believe 100% of people can learn to swim


Shift Coordinator

June 2020 Saint Paul, MN
“Organizing lesson plans, running a shift on my own or along side another manager, teach children how to swim. ”
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Walk us through a day as a Swim Instructor at Foss Swim School?

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