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What do I have to know before an interview for an internship at Ford?

If I could give any advice it would be to prepare well. Google everything and figure out what the position entails; more than what the job description says. Focus on explaining why you fit those things during the interview. I have been asked what previous projects I worked on- make sure to pick a...
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Does Ford offer a strong training program to its engineering new hires?

Commonly known as the “Functional College” is one of the strong foundations at Ford Motor Company, India to provide the basic trainings for the Accounts Payable sector and I received it as a platform where I could evolve into an Invoice processing analyst. The 2nd best training practice is shadow...
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Does Ford offer good work-life balance to its employees?

I think that balance really depends on the intern. Ford's summer internship program does an outstanding job helping you develop your network, meet other interns/employees inside and outside of work, and explore the area. Ford encourages your development outside of work, and the program has intern...
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Does Ford actually uphold their company values within the organization?

Ford is the oldest car company in the world and their core values are a product of many years of success. To be a company of this caliber for such a long time requires protecting a set of core values with discipline and consistency. I saw this first hand during my time at Ford. They uphold to the...
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What do Ford driver assist technology interns actually do?

Driver Assist Technology interns help design and test the latest automotive technology for autonomous functionality and active safety. Most modern cars have a huge variety of safety features that are tested to IIHS, NHTSA, and other safety standards. Interns could do anything relating to the desi...
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I am applying to be a driver technology intern at Ford. Any tips for the interview?

I think an interviewer for DAT would be most interested in seeing creativity and collaboration in an intern. It is a very collaborative team with a lot of unique problems that don't cleanly fall into a single engineering discipline. A strong willingness to learn more engineering skills and abilit...
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Just saw a job opening for a sharepoint administrator at Ford. I'm still unclear as to what this role actually does and what skills are needed. Can someone please help?

As a SharePoint admin, you would need to know and understand Microsoft SharePoint. The skills you’d need to have with this technology include how to build sites, lists and libraries. As an admin, you’d have to know how to manage permissions too. Some other skills you’d need would be an ability...
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I'm loving my internship at Ford. What can I do to increase my chances of getting a return full-time offer?

Some tips to convert your internship into a full time offer would be just to try your hardest everyday to show that you can perform what is asked of you. Show up on time and leave on time. Be enthusiastic about your work and show an interest in the company, your peers, and the work you do. It ...
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What exactly is the job description of a Vehicle Safety Intern at Ford? And what's the best way to prep for the interview?

As a Vehicle Safety Intern, you will be getting familiar with US NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) and Euro NCAP for Europe which are government or institutional safety programs specified to evaluate new automobile designs for performance against various safety threats. These standards specify mi...
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What's the average salary of a manufacturing engineer at Ford Motor Co?

Roughly $60-70k starting. You’ll cap out around $130k after 10-20 years if you don’t go into a management track. There is straight time overtime in some cases though. I’ve made as much as 1.5x my base salary some years although that required averaging around 70 hours a week that year and working ...
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During your internship at Ford Motor Company, how much support did you get from upper management?

I can't speak to too high of management at the company(although they do have intern specific events with upper management during the internships) but middle managers/managers the interns will directly be reporting to usually love to give their support. Additionally when I was there they had speci...
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Is Ford a good company to start a career?

I would say that this depends on what your long term career goals are. Ford is great company with lots of cool stuff always happening. If you want a very technical engineering role, this is not it. If you are looking for a mix of engineering and management, this is definitely the place. Also, you...
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What's Ford's mentorship program like? How is it structured?

The mentorship program is simple and effective, for all employees, you are expected to meet with your supervisor on a weekly to biweekly basis and they will help you with everything from connecting you with others to troubleshoot problems that your running into with your assignment all the way to...
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How would you describe Ford's culture?

Great company culture, they do a good job promoting based on merit. Both Ford and the Auto Industry has a very diverse workforce as well. My only critique is that given the industry and the # of ppl involved in a project, everything is heavily process/protocol intensive. Leaves less room for crea...
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How much preparation should I put into the interview process for a product materials engineer job at Ford?

Be ready to explain your previous work experience. In particular, any work/school experiences dealing with material characterization. For example, during my interview I made sure to thoroughly explain the experiences I had conducting material characterization at my co-op through the use of a DSC,...
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What sort of tasks would I be responsible for as a product materials engineer at Ford?

Manage resins and material performance in a particular commodity/ application. Complete material sign-off on engineering dwgs. Failure analysis. Answering material application questions and concerns for a particular commodity.
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What skills did you develop as a business major that employers at Ford find valuable?

Ability to multitask, data analysis, trend analysis, financial statement analysis, strategic planning, effective oral and written communication, interpersonal skills
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What does a Financial Analyst at Ford do?

I worked at Ford's Product Development Center (PDC) in Dearborn, Michigan. That is where all the new cars are hand assembled before going to the production lines at various areas around the country. Ford, if I recall correctly, molds clay models of its products in California, as do many of the ot...
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What's a day in the life of a buyer at Ford Motor Co. like?

I have a certain amount of responsibility, in that I am always trying to find savings/cost reductions and I have the ability to approve POs and other contracts that are worth a certain amount. I help to create purchasing strategies that will benefit the company most within current market conditi...
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