Seasonal Assistant

June - September 2018 • Portland, OR

What I liked

I worked last summer at FoodCorps in a smaller role, so this year I took on more responsibility. I took on the responsibility of coordinating their National Orientation and gaining tools that I never would have imagined. I booked flights, hotels and schedule meal plans for 300 people. This year I learned more of what FoodCorps represents and realized those 250 service members we work with are so brilliant and it was a privileged to have met them at Orientation.

What I wish was different

FoodCorps is a rapidly growing organization which means they are going to need more staff. This summer I took on a lot of work from different departments because there was a lack of help.


In any short term internship/summer position be kind and try to indulge in new experiences. Remember there is always someone who would love to be in your position so make it count.
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