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About Florida Research Institute

Florida Digestive Health Specialists (FDHS), one of the largest single specialty GI practices in the United States, recruited and opened the Florida Research Institute (FRI) in August of 2015. The leaders of FDHS recruited a team of academic leaders to establish their foothold in the research world. The FRI team has grown over the past three years and is now one of the global leaders in several research disease states including Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Endocrine, Rheumatology, and Dermatology. Our team of clinical research professionals have over fifty years of research experience across a wide variety of disease states. FDHS is proud to offer the state of Florida a state of the art research program that will advance medicine for years to come.


Research assistant

May 2019 Bradenton, FL
“I like doing Fibroscans and interacting with patients. It has been very I retesting working in the world of research.”
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