Florida Orthopaedic Institute


June - August 2019 • Brandon, FL

What I liked

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Florida Orthopaedic Institute because everyone was very welcoming and willing to allow me to shadow them and their patients. I got to help out the Occupational Therapist by assisting them with tools they needed, or help guiding older patients with their exercises. I also got to set up machines for the patients. I was typically prepping for the Therapist so that it save time so it allowed them to fully focus on the needs of their patients. It was really nice to see the familiar patients come back weekly and sharing their accomplishments with me about their progress.

What I wish was different

I wish I did not have to leave to go back to school because I would have like to volunteer for much longer.


Whether you are volunteering for fun or for graduate school, always give it your all. Be a self starter! I was always told if there is time to lean, there is time to clean. So whenever I was done with the task the Therapists gave me or they were too busy to tell me something to do, I would just clean or organize files, and/or make copies.
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