Flooid Power Systems

Technical Consultant

November 2018 • Easthampton, MA

What I liked

Flooid Power Systems has an excellent Employer/Employee relationship between the boss and subordinate. Rather than the usual management employee relationship that is adversarial Flooid offers a team environment where every person present both has something to contribute and is encouraged to share their contribution to better the company as a whole. The work is interesting as well, with an emphasis on a brand new renewable technology and how best to move foreword and develop it. Cleverness and thinking outside the box is a hallmark of Flooid Power Systems and helps the company move towards its overarching goal of building this technology into something that will benefit the world. Beyond everything else, the company as a whole embodies helping people in any way it can. The technology is "for the future of the world, not for our profit" as one of our cofounders often says. You will often hear both of our cofounders express their deep desire to give back to the community and how they don't care about becoming rich themselves (helping the community is in fact written into the bylaws of the company, and treating employees well is codified here as well). Overall Flooid Power Systems is a workplace where you can feel good about the work you are doing and have fun doing it. The sense of joy and pride I feel having been a part of this company for the last two years is something I haven't felt in any other organization and is one that I'm unsure that I can accurately express with words.

What I wish was different

I genuinely can say that I would change nothing about this work experience.


The advice I would give to others if you get the opportunity to work at Flooid Power Systems is that if you work hard and are consistently honest you will be rewarded for it. There is a deep emphasis on being plain spoken and honest with everyone in the company because clear communication helps the team move foreword. There is an emphasis on working hard here because the team is small and everyone has to pull their weight so that the team can succeed.
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