Fermata Discovery Inc.

About Fermata Discovery Inc.

Love watching people build evidence on court dramas and investigators solve cases in true crime documentaries? This is your opportunity to support the people who really make that happen!

Join our team at FERMATA Discovery, a funded and quickly growing data tech startup, that is transforming the way in which investigations are run and evidence is gathered. Our flagship product, VIXN, analyzes high volumes of data on-the-fly, and solves complex puzzles related to financial fraud, security, and civil/criminal litigation - including missing persons, estate disputes, and even murder. We help investigators produce faster, more efficient results that dramatically reduce the time-to-resolution, while maximizing financial recoveries.

We work with some of the world’s premier corporate investigation firms, law firms, and public sector and federal agencies.

We are looking for an applicant who is ready to explore their career opportunities, flex their strong research and development muscles, and develop other skills necessary to navigate an early-stage company.

Fermata provides a welcoming and engaging environment to learn and grow and will be looking internally to fill more senior positions as the business scales over the next year. The company respects work/life balance and strives for a regularly scheduled workweek.


Project Management Intern

December 2020 - January 2021 New York City, NY
“Working at Fermata was a fantastic experience! The team was extremely friendly and welcoming. Thanks to the supportive environment, I was able to hit the ground running and gain great work experience. I faced tough but fun software problems, built new tools quickly, and networked with experts in the field of investigation. Not only was the team great, the work at Fermata was also very engaging. I learned exciting new automation techniques to build productivity tools, and I got the chance to demo Fermata's incredible investigation platform. Seeing the inner workings of a rising software company was incredibly inspiring, and I felt that I really grew as a programmer in the short time that I was there. One of my favorite things about Fermata was the strong ethical code that the company follows. I could really tell that Fermata is working to be a force for good, making the justice system more efficient and effective. The strong purpose that everyone at the company shared really impressed me. ”

Data Science Intern

January 2021 - February 2021 New York City, NY
“I loved everything about my time at Fermata, it really became a place where I was excited to log on and do work every day! I was pushed outside my comfort zone with a couple projects, which allowed me to develop useful new skills at a rapid pace. It always felt that that the purpose of the internship was not only for me to assist the company, but also for me to grow my technical skillset and gain experience in a wide variety of fields. Also, Fermata is developing at such a fast pace that there is truly never any risk of boredom or idleness, there are always new projects to work on that are guaranteed to pique your curiosity. Most importantly, I felt valued as a part of the organization during my brief time working there and I know that I can always go back if I am ever itching to work on some interesting and challenging problems, while also helping out a truly phenomenal company.”
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