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Does the FBI offer any mentorship programs?

There is a mentorship program here at the Bureau! You can apply to the program, and interview a number of people who are already mentors. Once you find one that you think is best suited for you, you can start setting up meetings with them on a weekly basis. Having a mentor was really helpful, esp...
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Are there certain qualities I should discuss in my interview to take on a special agent position at the FBI?

To begin with - you would likely discuss your education and your job experiences and how they might relate to the FBI's mission. An example might be if you were an accountant / CPA this type of background would translate well to White Collar Crime - bank fraud investigations and the like. However...
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What does the training for an intern at the FBI look like?

Training depends on team and office. For a field office (not DC or Quantico), it gets broken down to terrorism, criminal, cyber, etc, and then by team specific duties. Mostly in the first 2 weeks you'll be trained on software and/or social skills required to fulfill your duties
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Will I be able to take full ownership over my work as an intern at the FBI?

​You'll get credit for the work you do, but everything revolves around casework if you're at a field office or program management if you're at headquarters. I found that I had agency to complete tasks/projects how I thought the best method was, but​ for the most part, I was handed tasks/projects ...
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For any of you out there that have worked within the FBI, how would you describe their culture?

The FBI is non-partisan, so politics are not talked about in the work place. I found that to be a good way to get to know people through their career and personal interests better. All of the FBI agents, analysts, and employees I met were very approachable and willing to answer my questions about...
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