About Egis

Egis is a leading provider of engineering, construction and technical services for public agencies and private sector companies around the United States. The Company offers a broad range of: planning, engineering and architectural design, environmental, construction, program and construction management, systems integration, operations and maintenance, management and a wide range of specialized technical services for the U.S. federal government, state and local government agencies. We provide services for transportation, bridges, site development, environmental services, water/wastewater engineering as well as right of way engineering and services.


Engineering Intern

August 2021 - December 2021 Indianapolis, IN
“I really enjoyed being able to work on many different projects that ranged in their size while working in the water resources department. I got to be involved with continual design adjustments of major waterline and storm water drainage projects, but also small relocation projects in correspondence with BLN’s road and bridge departments. I really liked being exposed to the many different steps involved with each of the projects. Each project is much more than just design, and I got to learn about cost estimating, utility coordination, public meetings, and so much more along the way. Overall, the environment of BLN is very much like a family, and each and everyone you work with is beyond supportive and friendly making it very easy to learn and grow as an engineer.”

Water Resources Intern

May 2021 Indianapolis, IN
“This company provided many resources and helping hands for me to succeed in their work environment. The resources provided to me have benefitted my growth as a future civil engineer and everyone involved has helped in my journey. My supervisors have always been open to answer any questions or comment about my work. My co-workers were also exceptional in providing constructive criticism where it has been needed with my work or the work of others. I genuinely embraced the work culture here. They care about their workers and want them exceed in life. I never felt like an outsider at this company.”
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