About Dynamis

Dynamis is an ancient Greek word that stands for heart, drive, and spirit. It encompasses “the will to win,” which is what drives our company and our employees.

We are professionals who are passionate about making the world a better place and achieving our mission of bringing innovative solutions to the challenges of our times.

Our employees — known to us as ‘Dynamites’ — get results by living our core values: Mission First, Service Before Self, and Teamwork.

Our clients, partners, and employees experience the difference when choosing a Dynamis solution.

Our clients: a commitment to serving their missions as our own, delivery excellence as a standard, and a high return on investment
Our partners: a valuable teammate, bringing operational capabilities and customer insight, with a mindset of collaboration and shared success
Our employees: a culture committed to valuing every employee, their deliberate development, and helping each of them achieve their purpose

Our Dynamites provide scalable, flexible, and adaptable solutions to a broad range of government agencies, international markets, and commercial customers. We offer products, services, and capabilities in solution areas where we combine operational experience and technical expertise to make the greatest impact in the areas of:

Defense + Science
Homeland Security + Law Enforcement
Preparedness + Resilience
Information Technology + COBRA
International + Dynamis Europe


Client Services Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Milwaukee, WI
“Company culture.”
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