Dimensional Fund Advisors

Would you say Dimensional Fund Advisors is a good place to kickstart my career post-graduation?

If you are looking at going into the asset management/financial world I would say yes. They pride themselves as being the “most successful business you have never heard of.” Because they are so selective with their customers, they really want to teach you how to do things the correct way because ...
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Can anybody provide info on the culture at Dimensional Fund Advisors?

Dimensional has a very young, energetic, and collaborative corporate culture. Employees generally work on teams and are very supportive of each other. There are many corporate events that foster closer relationships among colleagues and many coworkers become good friends outside of work.
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In what way might working at Dimensional Fund Advisors contribute to my professional growth?

Working at Dimensional sets you up well for a career within Investment Management. Given the academic nature of the investment philosophy, employees become very well versed in the latest advancements in the field of investments. Working in Financial Advisor Services, as I did, sets one up well fo...
Investment Management Professional Growth Dimensional Fund Advisors
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When compared to their competition, how does Dimensional Fund Advisors actually stand out?

Dimensional has an extremely impressive investment track record that doesn’t rely on the individual “genius” of a few key employees. The investment philosophy is unique and something one can truly believe in, whether you are an employee or not. This creates a very positive, non-sales oriented wor...
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