Diamond Z Engineering, Inc.

Project Engineer Co-op

May - August 2019 • Cleveland, OH

What I liked

Very friendly and welcoming environment to work in. Enjoyed traveling to sites especially since I had done work for them on the computer, so it was cool to see in person. I also learned a lot about the fuel industry, both commercial and private. I still have a lot to learn which I am excited for. I did a lot of work individually but there was also a lot of teamwork which I enjoyed.

What I wish was different

Maybe a little bit more hands on work instead of strictly AutoCAD work.


Definitely be able to communicate and work as a team but also be able to go off on your own and be independent. It is always good to ask questions so do not be afraid of that. Employers like when you seek answers you do not know. But be able to listen and apply what they say so that you do not have to ask the same question multiple times.
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