About DesegregateCT

We are a coalition of neighbors and nonprofits who believes in creating abundant, diverse housing in service of equity, inclusive prosperity, and a cleaner environment. A year and a day after the meeting that started DesegregateCT, the first meaningful change to state zoning laws in decades was enacted.


Campaign Coordinator

November 2022 Hartford, CT
“I have enjoyed the flexibility of the job. It has allowed me to stay on campus throughout the semester without moving while I am able to put in 20 hours of work per week. The entire roster of team members brought in a good vibe that will make this an unforgettable experience. There will also be opportunities for in-person team member meetups and taking on leadership roles.”

Research Intern

September 2023 Hartford, CT
“I really enjoy working with Desegregate. I have a very flexible schedule, am doing interesting and important work, and I love my coworkers and supervisor. I really enjoy how much my supervisor and the other full-time employees trust and rely on interns. It makes my work feel more important and worthwhile, and like I will be heard and taken seriously when I contribute ideas.”
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