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About Deephaven Data Labs

Deephaven Data Labs is a technology company that builds data software for modern teams. Our mission is to bring people together around the data that matters to them. Many different types of people use Deephaven to develop data-driven applications and analytics. They tend to care more about progress and productivity than about whether their data happens to be an event stream, time series, transaction set, or batch file. They want their data engine to be high-performance, easy to use, and integrated with popular tools.These are our people!


Data Scientist Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Plymouth, MN
“I liked the ability to learn the business side of a software company and become familiar with version control. I also liked how I was given the ability to work on a project that allowed for a lot of creativity and I learned a lot about how to work with tables of data and run queries to answer questions.”
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