deciBel Research, Inc.

About deciBel Research, Inc.

deciBel Research is a high-technology company that focuses on providing to its DoD customers innovative solutions in:

-BMDS Integrated and Distributed Ground Test
-Advanced Radar Signal Processing
-Advanced Radar Data Processing and Algorithms
-Imaging and Image interpretation
-High-Volume Parametric and Monte Carlo Testing
-Radar Threat Signature Modeling and Analysis
-Radar Modeling and Simulations, and
Systems Engineering

The world-class staff of deciBel Research has extensive experience and expertise in the design, development, testing, and applications of advanced radar systems. deciBel Research provides critical subject matter expertise and government advisory support roles to its customers, based upon unique technical capabilities and technical backgrounds.



May 2021 Dayton, OH
“The hours were flexible. You have the entire work period to get your hours in. You could work all them in 4 days and take Fridays off if you wanted. As long as the hours were finished before the end of the pay period. The people are also very nice and willing to help the newbie out.”
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