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Did being a Graphic Design major prepare you for your Graphic Design Internship at Dayco Products?

I feel I was well prepared for this internship based on the courses I had taken by the time I began the internship. Make sure you know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign since they are what you'll mainly be working in (Photoshop and InDesign much more often than Illustrator). Tools I...
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I'm seeking some entry-level job suggestions within the same industry as Dayco Products!

There are design internships elsewhere in the southeast-Michigan area. I've personally interned in the automotive industry, recreation, printing, and snack food. For automotive, consider opportunities with companies including Ford, GM, Chrysler, or other smaller companies that may be more oriente...
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Is anyone here up for discussing the company culture at Dayco Products?

I personally found the company culture to be dry and nearly non-existent. It's an office filled with cubicles and private offices, people don't usually talk to each other unless it's work related, and any meetings or other company events in or out of office were, in my opinion, a little awkward b...
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Are there certain skills that I need to be successful as a graphic design intern at Dayco Products?

Capable of using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and also knowledgeable of looking up news related to Dayco or similar companies in the industry with Google.
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What are some pros/cons related to a graphic design internship at Dayco Products?

I liked the money, the experience of using my skillset for hands-on applications that represented the company and its products. It was a good experience being able to work closely with an established brand and understanding how to work with that brand.I disliked the office culture and found my su...
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