Dataware, Inc.

About Dataware, Inc.

Providing cloud-based Vendor Managed Inventory solutions in the MRO environment.

Dataware was founded in 1976 In Flint, Mi. by Marty Hain. Dataware developed a turn key computer business solutions for industrial suppliers in southeast Michigan that mainly dealt with the auto industry.

In 1982 Pharmacy System was established providing software for independent pharmacies.

In the early 90’s Dataware shifted towards commodity management and integrated supply applications for manufacturer’s managing there indirect material needs.

In the mid 2000’s, Dataware, moved away from the manufacturer as the customer back to the distributor. The product now emphasized vendor managed inventory as the key element. This empowered the distributor to sell themselves along with the product to the manufacturer.

From the early 90’s Dataware has utilized internet technologies being a pioneer in this business model which today is known as Cloud Computing.

Today Dataware applications run in 49 states along with Mexico and Canada as well as Europe.

Dataware products reflect our years of experience with both large and small distributors, and allows them to immediately and cost effectively increase their presence in the market with zero capital expenditures, and using resources already in place.


Social Media Intern

August 2020 - October 2020 Flint, MI
“The Social Media Intern Position was great! I started creating Social Media Designs the first week! I created a Social Media Design each week. I appreciated who I worked for. The job was straight forward.”
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