About DASH

Dash is a community network connecting skilled professionals and micro-entrepreneurs with neighbors who can benefit from their services. Our hand-vetted "Dashers" are passionate about providing exceptional service and committed to giving back to the community. DASH believes your time should be spent doing what's important to YOU...and though no one is good at EVERYTHING, everyone is good at SOMETHING. Balancing the demands of a busy life is difficult, and although we now have more ways than ever to stay "connected," we can become isolated and feel overwhelmed trying to "keep it all together." DASH believes by combining our resources and sharing our skills, we can positively transform how we connect as individuals, families and as a community.


Android Developer Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Austin, TX
“Dash is an early stage startup, so I had lots of freedom and lots of things to do. Everything I did made a huge impact and I had a lot of power to steer the course of the company.”
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