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Danis is a construction manager that loves to build. Founded in 1916, the Danis Group of Companies is a third generation, privately owned construction manager and commercial builder that specializes in healthcare, industrial, corporate, and education construction. We operate five offices located in Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida, servicing clients throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions of the United States. Danis’ greatest asset is our people. They are the foundation that enable the company to deliver on the commitments of quality work and service, timely delivery of projects, to remain under project budget, and strengthen the relationship with our clients and the communities they serve.


Engineering Co-op

May 2023 - June 2023 Dayton, OH
“This was my first term with Danis that I worked out on a jobsite. I was at the Miami Valley Hospital Perioperative Services Renovation project, where we were renovating two operating rooms and 10 PACU bays. I appreciated being able to work on the earlier side of the project, as I got to assist with submittals and procurement. I was able to see the demo and rework of the project, which helped to connect what I had looked at in the drawings to what was happening in the field. Danis also provided many opportunities to connect with other co-ops and Danis personnel to create a more memorable experience and form relationships with other people within the company. This, along with trainings, jobsite tours and service events, helped me to gain more insight from others while also helping me grow in this field. ”

Project Engineer Co-op

May 2023 - August 2023 Miamisburg, OH
“Danis runs an especially unique co-op program in terms of the experience you have inside and outside of work. Students from different schools and locations in the company create comradery by attending social events, building challenges, and volunteer work together throughout the term. Your assignment is selected with the idea of getting you to see and learn the most you can based on your interests. The co-op program generously gives opportunities, responsibilities, and unique experiences to students who are accepting. I was assigned to 3 on-site projects in the Dayton area and balanced project management responsibilities between all. I loved the opportunity to take on a special amount of responsibilities this assignment and stretch my limits.”
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