About Cyngn

Based in Menlo Park, CA, Cyngn is a publicly-traded autonomous vehicle company. Whether a warehouse floor, mine, or construction site, our self-driving technology can be deployed in a variety of commercial domains across a variety of vehicle form factors.

To build this emergent technology, we are looking for innovative, motivated, and experienced leaders to join our team and move this field forward. If you like to build, tinker, and create with a team of trusted and passionate colleagues, then Cyngn is the place for you.

Key reasons to join Cyngn:

We are Small and Big.
With under 100 employees, Cyngn is still a company that operates with the energy of a startup. On the other hand, we are publicly traded. Combined, our employees not only work in close-knit teams with close mentorship from company leaders, they also get access to the liquidity of our publicly-traded equity. This gives our small team the opportunity to make a big impact in industries that other people aren’t touching — without taking on the risks associated with untested organizations.

We Build Today and Deploy Tomorrow.
Our employees aren’t just researchers but are creating reality. In other words, the autonomous vehicles we’re building are designed to go to real clients right away. We are driven by our passion for innovation and the ability to see the entire product and the real impact of our workout in the real world. At Cyngn, the distance between the theoretical and the actual is razor-thin.

We aren’t robots. We just build them.
Go read our Glassdoor reviews, and you’ll find that one of the best things about working here is the people. We are an inclusive, diverse team of top talent with exceptional synergy. We thrive on open collaboration and a trusting and creative work environment that is fueled by our passion for the industry. At Cyngn, everyone's voice is valued, and each of our unique perspectives is celebrated. It’s the people that allow our company to continue to grow bigger and better every day.


Autonomous vehicle design intern

June 2018 - September 2018 Menlo Park, CA
“Amazing team, great mentorship, and cool product!”
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