Custom Collaborative

About Custom Collaborative

Custom Collaborative (CC) is a US-based social enterprise non-profit that provides women from immigrant and low-income communities with skills, networks, and capacities to build careers in the apparel industry as business owners and employees. Our mission is to empower and enrich women and their communities by preparing those facing high barriers to employment with skills to own, operate, and contribute to fashion and design businesses at a high economic, social, and environmental standard.


Community Outreach Intern

January 2019 New York City, NY
“Working at Custom Collaborative has truly been a learning experience. I have learned so much, not only about the fashion industry and sustainability, but about how nonprofits work, and about how business and nonprofits can come together. I also love that I am able to engage with many aspects of the local community by doing outreach in a variety of ways, whether through phone calls, distributing flyers, or even creating social media content. My supervisors are great to work with, and are always understanding and flexible. Custom Collaborative is definitely a place where you can see the intersections of various social justice issues, such as women's rights, immigrant rights, worker's rights, etc, come together, and where they are addressed in a unique way through the empowerment of low-income/immigrant women. ”

Communications Intern

September 2018 - January 2019 New York City, NY
“Custom Collaborative is an amazing organization the truly makes a difference in the community. Working for them was a privilege and a great learning experience. My bosses were very knowledgeable about business, fashion, and non profits. They were eager to teach me new things, flexible, and a pleasure to work with. Custom Colab. offers a variety of internships and will work with whatever skills you have. Engaging with smart, motivated women on a daily basis was an invaluable experience that working for Custom Collaborative brought me. ”
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