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About CSI Support & Development

CSI Support & Development Services is the largest non-profit development and property management firm that provides cooperatively managed affordable senior housing in the country.
Our Company was started with the strong belief that co-ops could do a better job at meeting peoples' needs. From our humble beginnings as a dairy co-op we expanded into other areas of commerce but in 1965 built our first co-op in Wyandotte, MI and made the decision to devote our energy and talent to senior housing. From that start we have developed and manage 58 communities across four states comprising of over 6,000 units. We are headquartered in Metro Detroit Area with properties in Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, and California.


Human Resource Clerk

June 2015 Warren, MI
“It is agreat place to learn how to form professional relationships as well as how to conduct oneself in a professional setting. ”
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