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Crane Pumps & Systems is a world-class manufacturer of quality pumps and accessories offering a wide range of solutions and services for the municipal, residential building, commercial building, military, and industrial markets. It's trusted brands; Barnes, Burks, Crown, Deming, Prosser and Weinman provide innovative designs and durable construction. Wherever there is a need for fluid handling equipment a Crane Pumps & Systems product is hard at work - from the sump in a basement to a municipal pressure sewer system, from a split case in a commercial boiler room to a self priming pump on a marine pier or a grinder pump for a poultry process. Other applications include processing plants, power generating stations, constructions sites, utility maintenance fleets, and military.


Engineering Co-op

May 2023 - August 2023 Piqua, OH
“Crane Pumps and Systems really care about their co-ops, and the projects I was given were very meaningful to the company and provided great experience. Company events were common such as Dragon's Baseball games to make lasting connections. I was given full responsitibiltity over my projects and worked closely with many different engineers in different roles. I also had scheduled lab time for more hands-on experience. Some of the projects I worked on included designing and purchasing parts for a new testing station and completing a study on dimensional discrepancies in 3D models that I presented to the heads of engineering. I felt very valued at Crane and learned a lot about the industry and engineering as a whole.”

Engineering Co-op

January 2023 - May 2023 Piqua, OH
“I was given a lot of projects that were important. One of my projects was to design a table to put on lift legs that is used to test pumps. I had to use solidworks to design the table and then contact other workers to source the table out. Another one of my projects I like had a lot of testing and research. I was testing breakaway torques of bolts with different factors.”
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