Crandall & Oseen

Tax Intern

January - April 2021 • Idaho Falls, ID

What I liked

I learned so much at this job. I was able to apply what I learned in class into application and learned even more! I really enjoyed the hands on experience of doing real people's taxes instead of just made up people in class, haha. All the CPAs were super super nice and helpful about any questions we interns had. They never made us feel dumb or anything for our questions. The work environment is cozy and happy. Everyone is nice. I got a better understanding on if I want to pursue taxes after I graduate and this job really have me that insight.

What I wish was different

Driving 30 minutes to Idaho falls every day isn't ideal but it really isn't that bad at all and my coworkers and I carpooled so that helped! I felt a tiny bit unprepared in the beginning because I didn't understand how to do business taxes as I had only taken the first tax class at byui, but everyone there was patient and helpful.


Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot! And I say that in a good way not a bad way! You'll learn a lot so keeping notes is a great way to remember everything until you commit it to memory.
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