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Founded as a Model Colony, based on innovation, planned development, community service and family values, the City of Ontario has become the economic heart of the region.The City of Ontario is a dynamic leading community in the Inland Empire with a variety of full- time and part-time employment and volunteer opportunities. Ontario enjoys the reputation of being a progressive City which provides solid leadership to its citizens and to the business community. The City provides a full range of services to the community including: Police, Fire, Administrative Services, Community Life & Culture, Development, Economic Development, Housing & Neighborhood Preservation, Public Works and the Ontario Municipal Utilities Company. The City's team is staffed with approximately 1,200 full-time and 200 part-time diverse and talented employees who work to support a common goal of providing excellent service to the community.


Recreation Worker

June 2019 Ontario, CA
“I loved working with kids at Ontario's Movie Night's at the park event, downtown city hall. I'm normally a to myself kind of person, but at the event, I had to come out of my shell and talk and greet people and families in the community. I've never done anything like that before. I never knew I could be so comfortable on a stage hosting an event and make people laugh. Truly, I've grown to be more confident in my skin. I feel now that I can do anything and public speaking isn't something I should fear anymore. I can do it.”
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