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What do I need to know ahead of an interview for a police lieutenant role in the city of Marietta?

In the interview process, the Chief and command staff want to know your vision for the future of the department. I would look at the direction the department is going and either add to the direction or present a new idea that follows through with the department achieving it vision. The vision wil...
Interview City of Marietta Police Lieutenant
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What would it be like to work as a police lieutenant within the city of Marietta?

The day is full, you will have multiple administrative duties to perorm. Such as staffing, approving leave, approving training, payroll. You will have daily tasks such as tracking crime patterns and completing plans to prevent or arrest suspects. You will have personell issues to deal with such a...
Day in the Life City of Marietta Police Lieutenant
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Could a political science major be helpful for somebody interested in becoming a police lieutenant for the city of Marietta?

My degree helped me in the area of management and policy formulation. Also helped in researching different areas. A complete education is necessary for the action of lieutenant. You will have to write multiple formal reports that will be reviewed by the Chief and city council. Being able to resea...
College Major Political Science & Government City of Marietta Police Lieutenant
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