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About Center for Sustainable Energy

As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, the Center for Sustainable Energy works with policymakers, regulators, public agencies and businesses as an expert implementation partner and trusted information resource. In short, we help drive the adoption of clean, sustainable energy solutions.


Clean Cities Intern

October 2018 San Diego, CA
“I enjoy how much of the internship is geared towards learning -- the Clean Cities intern is encouraged to undertake research projects and to develop their understanding of alternative fuel vehicles and vehicle technologies all while they complete their intern tasks and work towards the project initiatives. I also really like that the position is funded by the DOE, because I know the work I do with the organization ultimately has an impact that reaches further than just the San Diego area. I've also had the chance to discover what I might like to study during graduate school now that I have explored this new area, transportation, of the environmental science field. ”
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