Center for Health Equity Transformation


June - August 2023 • Chicago, IL

What I liked

This Fellowship was a great way to explore the Public Health field and learn more about what it is like to be a physician. We learned a lot of skills about networking and reaching out to people, on top of the many hours we spent learning about health equity problems in the Chicago area. I loved hearing from so many different experts and from people in the positions of inequity, it gave a holistic view of many of the issues we were learning about.

What I wish was different

I wish there had been better communication from our bosses about the weekly schedule and what to expect from the fellowship as a whole. It was a lot of only knowing what the schedule was for the next few days, so it was difficult to prepare for certain things. However, it was a great experience overall, and the miscommunications didn't prohibit me from getting the most out of the experience!


This fellowship puts you in contact with a lot of people who have a lot of influence and opportunities, try to take advantage of as many things as you can!
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