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About Center For Family Services

Center For Family Services is a leading non-profit social services provider offering a strong and innovative continuum of care with comprehensive and evidence-based services. The top workplace team at Center For Family Services has a professional commitment to high-quality services. Dedicated employees balance best practice and cutting edge approaches, providing personalized and compassionate care with a goal to help each person reach their full potential.

Center For Family Services experienced rapid growth over the last decade, expanding to include a wide range of specialized care to meet the growing and changing needs in the New Jersey community. Headquartered in Camden City, Egg Harbor Township, and East Orange, Center For Family Services offers life-changing services in convenient and accessible locations across the state.

With a proven track record of accomplishments working with neighborhood residents, schools, government leaders, corporate partners, and social service providers across the community, Center For Family Services is a force for positive change. The strong network of more than 1500 dedicated staff are the most valuable asset and resource at Center For Family Services. Center For Family Services is an employer and a service provider dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. Cultural competence and awareness is a critical component of workplace culture and service delivery.

The mission of Center For Family Services is to support and empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve a better life through vision, hope, and strength. The vision of Center For Family Services is for all people to lead capable, responsible, fulfilled lives in strong families and healthy communities.

Whether it’s a child who is ready for preschool, a teen in need of the support of a mentor, a child without a safe place to call home, a family facing the trauma of domestic violence, a person seeking help for an addiction, or a family in crisis, Center For Family Services is trusted to help people heal, find comfort, and build the foundation for a successful future.


social work

September 2020 Voorhees Township, NJ
“I like working with the teenagers, and listening to their life experiences. ”


March 2019 - October 2019 Vineland, NJ
“I work in the SERV Program: Services Empowering Rights of Victims and we are the designated service provider for Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Human Trafficking victims In Cumberland County and I love the new experience I’ve gained and the description of the position and the people I worked with ”
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