CBI Forest School

About CBI Forest School

CBI’s Forest School program provides an opportunity for children ages 18 months to 4th grade to play, learn, and grow together in a Jewish outdoor environment. Children are encouraged to ask questions about the world and test their theories to develop a love of learning, a strong sense of self and critical thinking skills in our nature based program. Our Elementary Program brings students together to learn both core academics and environmental education. They develop life skills and have ample opportunities for collaboration, exploration, and independent play. The natural world is their springboard for building a strong foundation of academic, social, and problem-solving skills. Students learn how to set goals, research, and collaborate. All of these endeavors help to foster a love of learning.


Camp Counselor

June 2018 - August 2018 Charlottesville, VA
“I liked how close the school was to UVa, I was able to get there using public transport. I also, of course, loved working with the kids, we always had something planned to do so I always looked forward to work. ”
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