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About Catalyst Miami

What we’ve learned from nearly two decades in our line of work: making our vision a reality requires focus on three community building strategies. Our mission is to facilitate them.
1. PROSPER: Community residents must be healthy and financially secure.
2. LEAD: Residents of our community must recognize their leadership potential.
3. CATALYZE: Organizations and networks promoting community well-being must build power and impact. We must work together, across sectors, to create change that improves the quality of life for residents.
Our programs and initiatives endeavor to further our community building strategies, while strengthening partnerships and promoting collaboration across Miami-Dade County. We weave our organization’s core values throughout our


File Clerk Intern

July 2019 - August 2019 Homestead, FL
“Interning at Catalyst Miami was a true blessing and a great experience. I met new people and I even met a Social Worker. The work atmosphere was very calm and humble. My supervisor was very welcoming and helped me with anything that I needed. Even when I had the most questions over and over again. I was also given the opportunity to give a speech to a group of strangers. That was a cool experience. I learned a lot from interning at Catalyst Miami. It helped expand my mind on the community that surrounds me ”
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