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Your Warrensburg CashSaver Cost Plus Food Store promises you a whole new way to save on groceries. Lower prices on every item in every department means CashSaver is the very best way to save money on your family’s grocery bill – every time you shop!
The Cost+10% Formula

It’s simple. Every item in our supermarket in Warrensburg, MO is priced at the real cost of what it takes to get that product to the shelf.

We add just 10% to the final bill at checkout. That percentage covers employees, lights, heat, and other bills. our operating costs are lower than conventional supermarkets because we don’t invest in fancy decor or expensive advertising,

That’s all there is to it. No shopper card, no membership—just savings every time!
We Do More to Keep Your Grocery Bills Low

Manufacturers often offer us specials. And we promise to pass those savings directly on to you, every time. You’ll find these specials listed in our weekly online ad, and you can get the ad emailed to you on Wednesdays.

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June 2017 Camden, TN
“I love working with the public and learning new things.”
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