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About Capital Research Center

The mission of the Capital Research Center is to expose the agendas of funders, activists, and politicians who use the power of government to benefit special interests.

Our fact-based investigations connect the dots between donors and a wide variety of nonprofit and activist groups, including unions. We also keep an eye on crony capitalists who seek to profit by taking advantage of government regulations and by getting their hands on taxpayers’ money.

We’re not afraid to take on the Washington Establishment—Republican, Democrat, or anyone else—and our objective reporting is respected by the news media and the public.

We do have a point of view. We believe in Constitutional government, free markets, and personal responsibility. But facts are facts, and our researchers and journalists go where the facts lead them.

CRC is tax-exempt and fiercely independent. We perform no contract work and we accept no government funds—not one cent. We depend on voluntary contributions to fund our important work.

We are the Capital Research Center, “America’s Investigative Think Tank.”


Research Intern

May 2022 - August 2022 Washington, DC
“I loved being able to work in a friendly and productive environment. I liked the combination of different types of projects I got to work on: some projects were assigned to me and others I had the ability to choose a research project.”
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