Camp Wesley Woods

Store Manager

January 2019 - May 2020 • Townsend, TN

What I liked

I worked at Camp Wesley Woods for four summers in various roles. Throughout my time there I was a junior counselor, cabin counselor, CIT counselor, Store Manager, and Service team leader. Wesley Woods is a Christian Camp and these values are evident in everything they do. Probably my favorite parts of working at camp have been the relationships I've formed with campers and other staff members as well as the encouragement I've received from leadership to grow into new roles. When I said I was interested in revamping our camp store, I was provided with guidance and resources to help make that happen. Wesley Woods is a special place for all, but an especially awesome place to work.

What I wish was different

Due to COVID, Camp Wesley Woods had to cancel summer camp in 2020. During that time I was able to work at a different camp and see how some things were run differently there. The biggest difference was the two week model where most campers stay at camp a full two weeks rather than just one week. I felt this allowed me to really get to know my campers better and I appreciated this extra time with them. However, I've heard Wesley Woods is moving towards this model for 2021!


Working at a summer camp will be both one of the most exhausting, but most rewarding experiences you can ever have. Make sure you prepare yourself both mentally and physically and remember to still take time for yourself. When you are on duty most hours (even at night) it can be draining at times. However, the experiences and relationships you form while getting to spend almost the whole summer outside are totally worth it!
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