Camp Trucking

About Camp Trucking

We are a seasonal trucking company that delivers children's luggage to and from high-end summer camps located in the US east coast. Our base of operations is located at 180 Independence Drive, Pittston, Pennsylvania 18640.

Our camps are located in New England, Upstate New York, and in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. We service camper's homes located in Florida, D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, California, and Quebec, Canada.

We employ students from all over the US with a from variety of backgrounds and experiences. Camp Trucking is an inclusive company that provides a unique opportunity for students to travel all over, meet new people, and earn great money over a short period of time. Check us out at and apply today!



June 2014 Pittston, PA
“I've been with Camp Trucking since 2014 and have worked my way from being a driver to working in the office as one of the managers. Camp Trucking has been an incredible experience and opportunity for me. I've made connections with people from all over the United States (and some international students) that I never would have been able to make without this company. It's a great way to meet new people and make some great summer money while still having enough time off in the summer to enjoy a break/vacation. The schedule is perfect for college students or anyone with a job that gives them summers off.”

Driver / Red Shirt

August 2017 Allentown, PA
“The people at this job become family, and every summer I honestly cannot wait to go back. The job is tough but the people make it so worth it. You get to travel to places you never thought you would get to go, and get an experience that really no other job can give you. As a college student, working this job every summer has allowed me to afford fixing my car and paying tuition or for textbooks. There are great people behind this company and if you are tough and love to be a hard worker and team player, it's a job you will be excited to go to every summer. ”
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