Camp SAY

Camp SAY Counselor

July - August 2021 • East Stroudsburg, PA

What I liked

I loved working with my campers, they were girls ages 8-10. They were so creative and enthusiastic to be a part of camp and always excited to participate, which motivated me to be better as well. I really gained a connection with the girls that I will forever cherish. We could be silly and weird, but also serious and kind. I always love the camp setting, you are free to be as silly and extravagant as you like.

What I wish was different

Definitely the training process. I think the camp directors struggled having to adapt the program to COVID precautions, so there were a lot of questions unanswered in training and the schedule during camp had to be constantly adapted. Hopefully in subsequent years this will be less of a problem with less restrictions and more experience in adaptation.


You have to come in prepared to put in the emotional work. The campers come from all over the world and many come from difficult backgrounds. They will confide in you as their counselor to share their experiences and you should be able to support them. Don't be afraid to ask questions and take a break and walk away when needed.
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