Camp Pinecliffe

About Camp Pinecliffe

Pinecliffe is a family run camp with third and fourth generation directors. We are focused on the individual camper, encouraging each girl to become the best that she can be, while living happily and successfully with others. Since 1917, a plaque with our motto, “Do the Thing That Counts and Then Don’t Count It,” has hung in our Main Bunk and truly exemplifies Pinecliffe’s philosophy. Our girls leave camp each summer, eager to return, with many happy memories of new things learned, new friends, and great experiences.


Counselor: Tennis Specialist

June 2021 - August 2021 Harrison, ME
“I loved getting to work with the girls and be a mentor to them all summer. Creating relationships with both the campers and the staff is the reason I worked at Pinecliffe for the past two summers, and will hopefully continue. Being a bunk counselor and tennis specialist has allowed me to develop necessary skills I will need in my future classroom.”

Director of Landsports

June 2018 - August 2018 Harrison, ME
“I loved that as the Director, I got to oversee and work with the staff but I was also the softball coach. I got to experience the kids firsthand as well and that's really what I loved about it. ”
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