Camp Celo

About Camp Celo

The Camp Celo program is born out of our Quaker values of non-violence, simplicity, and environmental awareness. Our central belief is that the Light of God exists in each person. Our program stresses cooperation and minimizes competition and regimentation. We seek to free ourselves from the violence, exploitation, and materialism of popular culture. We teach an appreciation of the natural world and aim to minimize our impact on the environment. We don't have a religious program but there is a spiritual element to life at camp that focuses on the universal principles of compassion, cooperation, integrity, responsibility, and service common to all major religions. We actively seek a group that is diverse culturally, ethnically, and economically. We are a coeducational camp because we feel that boys and girls working and playing together develop real friendships and regard for each other as people.


Camp Counselor

June 2019 - August 2019 Burnsville, NC
“Great work environment, fantastic staff to employer relations, very fulfilling experience and extremely supportive community.”

Camp Counselor

June 2018 - August 2018 Burnsville, NC
“Everything, it was the perfect job for someone who wants an incredible community away from home. I felt so at home after only my second summer it was nuts. Anyone who appreciates basic Quaker values in a very sustainable and loving intentional community would love it. I made so many awesome friendships and professional relationships that I believe will benefit me greatly in my future job searches.”
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