CAM Creative

Production/Design Mananger

January - May 2020 • Denver, CO

What I liked

I appreciated the real world experience - being able to work for a real client. I was able to learn and understand how to work with a team with different kinds of individuals and also leading them. I also enjoyed being able to learn administrative work and how the "behind-the-scenes" work operates.

What I wish was different

I wish that I had been able to do more of the tasks that were meant for my job position. I rarely had the opportunity to lead a team as described in the job description because of people dropping out of the internship (which would require me to do more of the design work with the whole team) and COVID hitting right in the middle of the internship.


I would recommend that people take advantage of getting help from other higher positions and your supervisor/employer if necessary. There were times where there were major conflicts between people in the team, and it was difficult to know how to go about the situation. Asking for help in those situations provided me support and solutions for the issues at hand.
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