California Wildlife Center

Wildlife Intern

June - August 2017 • Calabasas, CA

What I liked

I loved interacting directly with the animals, learning about rehabilitation and veterinary medicine, and preforming minor medical procedures. This center has modest facilities, but the level of care is exceptional and the vet is amazing! The staff members and volunteers are wonderful to work with. Interning here is exhausting, but caring for wild animals is extremely rewarding and will leave you with unique, once in a life time experiences.

What I wish was different

I wish that the center had more volunteers or internships so that interns could spend more time learning about rehabilitation and


Wear good supportive shoes! bring a notebook. The rabies vaccine is worth it, especially if you want to go into this type of work (you will need it eventually). The staff members love you to ask questions and be proactive. They also do not expect you to know how to do anything, and would rather you ask how, instead of doing something wrong and accidentally harming an animal. Lastly, interns need to be okay will dealing will poop, pee, blood, dirt, and a lot of cleaning.
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