California Council on Science and Technology

About California Council on Science and Technology

California’s most pressing public policy issues require solutions that engage the State’s extraordinary research and innovation enterprise. CCST is a nonpartisan nonprofit created via the California Legislature in 1988 to provide objective advice from California’s leading scientists and research institutions on policy issues involving science and technology (S&T).

Despite California’s rich intellectual capital and long tradition of crafting future-facing policies, structural barriers prevent its policymakers from readily accessing the S&T expertise in research institutions resident in the state. CCST works with a range of government, research, and philanthropic partners to build more agile, inclusive, and impactful S&T advisory frameworks; elevate policymaker awareness of the S&T contributions of California’s research institutions; and foster a more diverse and inclusive network of S&T-savvy policy leaders.

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Core Values

The pillars of our organizational identity, our core values of service, independence, and partnership are anchored in our foundational commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Service: We are driven by a desire to serve and see S&T applied to public policies that provide all Californians with opportunities to participate and prosper. We connect our diverse network of S&T experts with policymakers to help them fulfill their missions.

Independence: As a nongovernmental, nonpartisan institution, we operate independently of organizations and individuals with a stake in the outcome of State policy decisions. We engage inclusively with S&T experts from a broad range of disciplines and lived experiences, serving as honest brokers of their knowledge and perspectives.

Partnership: We work across institutions, partnering with academic, research, governmental, philanthropic, and other communities to leverage their collective expertise and diverse perspectives to fulfill our mission.



June 2019 - August 2019 Sacramento, CA
“I loved the people. They were very dedicated to making a difference in how science shapes policy and vice versa. It was an unforgettable experience to be surrounded by such passionate people who were not only intelligent but also compassionate. ”
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