What degree of ownership did you have over your role as a salesperson at Buckle?

Each team member, upon employment is given a sales goal per hour and is trained to present, style, and wardrobe each guest while providing extremely efficient and courteous customer service. Each sales team member is responsible for initiating contact with guests, showing product, creating a pres...
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How would you describe the work culture at Buckle?

The Company cultured is fast paced, high energy, and a fun place to work. In the few months that I have already spent there, I have cultivated so many close relationships with customers and staff. I have learned new procedures, presentation options, and sales objectives from each and every sale I...
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Can someone confirm if Buckle has a mentorship for their interns/employees?

When you come to Buckle as an intern, you are assign a supervisor which guides you through the first week of "orientation", she or he is the person who you will go to whenever you need to fill out your internship course assignments, you will have a mid and final evaluation/revision. Overall, as a...
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How different is being a salesperson at Buckle than at other employes?

t’s really like most sales job. Helping customers find clothing options and when not helping customers, you are making sure the store is stocked and looking good. The training is Intensive and focuses on sales tactics. The tactics are a little high pressure and they are aggressive in their sales ...
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Interview tips for someone interested in Buckle's internship program?

Not only have I been through the interview process as a potential teammate/intern, but I have conducted some of the interviews with my manager as well. The standout qualities that my manager and I looked for in our interns and teammates would be having a positive open mind set to new ideas, style...
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How much should I expect to make from being a Store Management Intern at Buckle?

The compensation can vary depending on your experience in retail, if you already worked at Buckle, and whether you want base pay plus commission or just a base salary. I worked at Buckle for a year before starting as an intern, so I was payed higher than the other interns. The pay is typically be...
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How can I succeed as an incoming Stylist Intern at Buckle?

If you are applying for the Stylist Internship it is because you already have a passion for fashion and creativity, which are the important and really, only "skills" that you need. I did not know what to expect when I first arrived at the internship, but day by day I take in all the information,...
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Tips on how I can approach a recruiter from Buckle and learn more about what they have to offer?

I actually found my job at Buckle through the Career Fair at Oakland University. I would say don’t be afraid to walk up to Buckles table and strike the conversation with them first. Also, I would say just be very relaxed and don’t over do it but you also want to show them that you aren’t afraid t...
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What is it like to work in a high-level position at Buckle?

A day in the life of a buckle assistant manager is ever changing. Retail management is a dynamic atmosphere that requires a certain amount of flexibility and willingness to actively engage with co-workers, customers, and upper management on a regular basis. One day you could be coaching a team me...
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I'd like to learn more about Buckle, can someone recommend good question to ask them?

Some questions that i would ask would be the following: 1: What is the potential for lateral growth in the company? 2: Does Buckle have a history of promoting from within? 3. How does this district perform in relation to the other districts? 4. If offered employment can i negotiate for base pay ...
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What were the high and low points of being a salesperson at Buckle?

I loved being able to help customers find clothing that made them look great and feel great. I also loved the commission based pay because you can make a fair amount of money with a little bit of extra work, however I felt that it was very unfair that returns of clothing bought months prior could...
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How should I approach a recruiter from Buckle and convey my interest to them?

If you are looking to work at Buckle I would play to your strengths in your personality, Buckle is always looking for new people that are true to themselves and want people who don't fit the cookie cutter mall/retail employee mold as more stores have moved away from the commission based model. Yo...
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