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At Better Being Co, establishing our benchmark for exceptional quality has always been our number one priority. In 1993, we ventured into the health and wellness space with incredible brands in tow, including KAL® and Thompson®—the first nutritional supplement brands launched in the U.S.—along with the pioneering brand Solaray. Since then, we’ve built a comprehensive portfolio of over 50 brands and produce 5,500+ products in over 60 countries. For those in pursuit of their best health, the journey begins by exploring our collections, our brands and our latest innovations.


Process Engineer Intern

April 2021 - September 2021 Ogden, UT
“I really liked that they gave me as much responsibility as they did. I was brought on to implement a new returns process to improve the raw materials returns process to the warehouse. This in return started a huge movement to improve the inventory accuracy overall. I was able to create the process from start to finish, I got all the bugs out with IT, after it was up and running well, I trained the new employees on that process. After it was running well with new employees, I was able to work with the Director of Operations and implement new process on the warehouse side of things as well to improve the inventory accuracy from 37% to 95%. We value streamed some of the areas to improve pulling/picking/item returns. We also implemented a new audit process to improve order picking accuracy. They put a lot of trust in me, did not micro manage me and within three months, the process improved immensely.”


May 2019 - August 2019 Ogden, UT
“Good. Makes me want to get a college degree”
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