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About BestLogic Staffing

We are the experts in the staffing and recruiting field. That is all we do. Because of this, we know the decision makers, and we know who the major companies are and where the new jobs are to be found in your market.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term assignment or a full-time career, you will be glad you chose BestLogic Staffing Services, to help you find it. As a robust, communicative recruiting team, our aim is to be an outstanding additional resource in your search. We ask in-depth questions from a perspective of curiosity and compassion and cultivate new relationships with talented candidates and exceptional employers daily. We are committed to introducing unique, skilled job seekers to great employers.

In addition to the companies we recruit for, we also offer various internship opportunities directly with our company, including business administration, sales, human resources, social media marketing, graphic design, and videography. We are a gradually growing company and are always looking to add team members to our full time staff from our internship programs.


Business Administration Intern

January 2022 Rocky Hill, CT
“The B.A. internship at BestLogic Staffing is really personable, approachable, and realistic. Many times students are over-psych to perform at their peak which is not needed to do well in this internship. You get what you put in. If you're putting out minimal effort on projects assigned, then you will miss the overall picture. Each assignment/projects given have an overall impact to the business and sub-departments. In a internship, you want to feel like your work is heard and acknowledged, which is exactly what BestLogic Staffing does a phenomenal job of. You are not thrown in the dark, you will always have available help in whatever process you're in. The manager, Aldin, acknowledges that building team chemistry is the best way to have efficiency in business. ”

Marketing Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Rocky Hill, CT
“Working at BestLogic Staffing was a great learning experience. I was given the opportunity to develop social media content for the company with my own creative thinking. It was a great way to get my feet wet in the Marketing industry and learn about business first hand.”
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