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Bespoke Professional is Job search strategy company that provides services to job seekers. We currently provide 1-1 consulting packages, but have moved into group programs. We work with clients to create their resumes, Linkedin Profiles, networking messaging & plan and prepare for job interviews.


Social Media Manager Intern

August 2020 - December 2020 Seattle, WA
“It's rare to find an employer that is a manager, mentor, and coach - Lynn Juve at Bespoke Professional is all three. I had the great pleasure of being Lynn's social media manager intern for five months. During that time, I was given the opportunity to gain proficiency with new tools, like Smartsheet and Canva. I was also encouraged to contribute my own creative work to the company, publishing my own blog posts under the Bespoke name. One of my favorite parts of the internship was how Lynn helped me ascertain and develop skills I did not know I had. For instance, I was responsible for creating the graphics for the Bespoke Professional social media pages. Before this position, I had no design experience. Now, I have a portfolio of work I have created AND the personal knowledge that I enjoy design work. Lynn also provided invaluable career mentorship during the entirety of my time with her. This position is ideal for students who are ready to enter the workforce but are not sure how their experiences square. Above all, Lynn (and her writer, Stephanie M.) are an absolute joy to work with. I learned so much about the entrepreneurial sphere of the job search world and was personally and professionally nourished during the entire experience. ”
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