Berkley Hills Community Church

About Berkley Hills Community Church

Our mission statement is Knowing Jesus. Being Jesus. To know Jesus is more than information or simply praying a prayer, but is a process of starting a relationship and then constantly working to grow it and enhance it.

The ways we work to know Jesus have changed in the life of this church throughout the years as our culture and community has changed but the foundation of this knowledge has not, God's Word.

In the same way that our knowledge of Jesus is a continual journey so is the expression of that relationship. We are continually presented with opportunities to Be Jesus to those around us and the more we know Jesus the more aware we become of these opportunities and the more equipped we are to take them on.

Time, culture and needs have changed the way we serve throughout our years but the foundation of being Jesus and showing his love to our community has not. We value where we have come from as a church and find great strength and encouragement knowing that our past has built a foundation of risk taking, innovation and change for our future.


Event Coordinating Intern

September 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
“I got a lot of experience!”
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